The Women's Royal Army Corps Badged Bracelet

This product is available in 4 colours:

Regimental Colours (standard)
Black (all black with regimental logo)
Desert Camo (all desert camo with regimental logo)
Green Camo (all green camo with regimental logo)

Each bracelet comes with the regimental badged logo

Handcrafted from Tactical Edge 550 paracord with a 7 strand inner core so they are extremely strong when deployed.
All out Tactical Edge items are hand made to order so please leave an extra day for shipping
Please choose a size to fit your wrist from 6" to 9"
Available Buckles
Please choose from 4 different buckles
1: Standard - Basic buckle
2: Flint - Buckle with flint, scraper and whistle
3: Compact buckle with compass, flint, scraper and whistle
4: Large buckle with compass, flint, scraper and whistle