Scouts Badged Survival Bracelet
Great for camping, hiking, survival and many outdoor activities.
Choose the buckle that fits your needs; from a basic buckle to the full kit that includes a whistle for attracting attention, a flint and metal scraper (also acts as a small knife) to start a fire and a compass for direction
This Scout Troop inspired bracelet features a metal badge logo of the Scouts made with Tactical Edge paracord for the weave.
Handcrafted from Tactical Edge 550 paracord with a 7 strand inner core so they are extremely strong when deployed.
Each Bracelet contains roughly 9-11 feet of paracord, depending on size.
All out Tactical Edge items are hand made to order so please leave an extra day for shipping
Please choose a size to fit from 6" to 9"
Please choose from 4 different buckles
1: Standard - Basic buckle
2: Flint - Buckle with flint, scraper and whistle
3: Compact buckle with compass, flint, scraper and whistle
4: Large buckle with compass, flint, scraper and whistle