Mum - Reasons Why I Love You Coffee/Tea Mug

Available for any below, mix and match 

Each mug has the list below

You are always ready to listen no matter how busy you are
Your hands heal like no other
You show me the way when I have no idea where I’m going
No-one can cook the way you do
When I’m lonely and need a shoulder to cry on, yours is always there
You give the best cuddles EVER
You always had something to wipe my face with even if I didn’t need it
You inspire me every day

✔ This 11oz Personalised Tea/Coffee Mug 
 High grade AAA pure white ceramic
 Each mug measures: 9.5cm (high), 8cm (diameter), 25.13cm circumference), 0.3cm (thick)
 Dishwasher safe