Army Green

Personalised T Shirt

Logo size approximately
(on the longest side)

T Shirts Available in Sizes
Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL
(small extra charge for sizes 3XL-5XL - any question on size please email us before you order)

How to leave us a message

During the start of the check out process you will see a 

Special instructions for seller box.

This is where you can let us know what you would like on the t shirt

You can have 1 line of text above and 1 below the logo with NO MORE than 15 letters (including spaces) per line

Please note: if you do not leave us a message on what you want on the shirt you will get the logo ONLY. 

Best to hand wash - Under no circumstances use a bleach or bleach based washing power/liquid as this will instantly fade the insignia

As this is a personalised item there are no returns

Any of our products bearing any UK Forces Badges are supplied under license from the MOD DIPR1ME257

10% of all sales under licence goes back to the MOD