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Personalised Birthday Gift Basket
All ages available


Please choose the name you would like and the age for the mug and card

As we make these to order just let us know your requirements

Here's the items in this fun any age hamper gift basket

Nivea Face Wash - A must for any male
Sure Deodorant - We all need it (some more than others)
Wash Scrub - To get into the places others are afraid to go
Torch - See previous (you may need a torch)
Tresemme 2 in 1 Shampoo - Enough said
Nail Brush - Sure to get a lot of use
Personalised mug - You choose the age you want on it and whatever text you would like (we've seen all here so don't be afraid. REMEMBER we print what you write down including spelling errors and the like
Personalised basket note (don't forget to tell us his make otherwise its just Happy Birthday)
All wrapped in protective clear/black cellophane 

Note: we may change some of the items if they become unavailable however the value will be the same or greater - So all good. Oh yea you get to keep the basket - who knows what he may turn that into......

Basket Dimensions: 30cm x 29cm x 10cm

Boxed and ready for delivery - Don't leave it too long